SynX & Fleet Management

Check how SynX can help in managing every single aspect of your fleet

What is fleet management and who is a fleet manager?


Fleet management is the management of a fleet of vehicles belonging to a company and can include a wide range of functions and tasks, such as management of staff (drivers but also mechanics in some companies), of fuel costs, purchases and policies, vehicle investment, overall fleet costs (fuel, maintenance…), safety…

We know how challenging it is to be a fleet manager or, for smaller companies, simply the person in charge of running a fleet of vehicles. SynX makes your life as a fleet manager a lot easier!

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How does a fleet management system work?


After the installation of a device on the vehicles, the system gathers data from vehicles thanks to GPS technology, updating location, direction, speed. This data is combined from the one of your fuel card provider disclosing powerful insights on how your fleet is performing.

You will get additional fleet data thanks to our maintenance manager, our driver behaviour section, the driver challenge option and the help of the reports: everything you need to know about your fleet will be at your fingertips, 24/7, accessible from any device.

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How can I use the data I get from vehicle tracking and fleet management software to run my fleet more efficiently?


SynX combines the data of location and fuel transactions with driving style, maintenance and administration data, giving you powerful insight on your fleet’s global performance. You will be able to see which vehicles are most efficient and not, which are instead costing more, which costs are more impacting (fuel or maintenance, for example).

SynX will provide you global fleet data in the form of user-friendly reports that will help you in quick and efficient decision-making: based on those data you might decide if you want to relocate some of your vehicles, replace them, or change routes for more effective ones, change your maintenance schedule or provider, check your fuel transactions every time a purchase is done, not only in the moment of getting a bill.

SynX will synchronise your team and any aspect related to your fleet, while providing you intelligent analytics for driving your business forward, bringing it to success.

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