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Fleet telematics and vehicle tracking for logistics and delivery industries

Get real-time visibility on your vehicles and boost your delivery performance while running a safe fleet.

Maximize asset utilization, reduce operational costs and improve delivery predictability with the smart vehicle tracking and fleet management SynX provides. Use fleet data to empower your business and exceed customer expectations.



What are the challenges of
logistics and delivery fleets?

  • tip1 Logistics and delivery fleets have to face an increasing demand impulsed by the growth of e-commerce and online purchases.
  • tip1 Logistics and delivery fleets experience peak seasons that need to be planned carefully.
  • tip2Logistics and delivery fleets need to offer an efficient, responsive customer service.
  • tip2Accurate location information and estimated time of arrival are today essential for customers.
  • tip2High performance in logistics and delivery industry cannot compromise safety and compliance.
  • tip2Fierce competition in the sector often erodes profit margins.
  • tip2Fuel, maintenance and insurance represent a high source of cost.


SynX helps you
overcoming those challenges

  • tip1SynX helps you in a better organisation of work, optimising the planning of routes to be travelled, deliveries and drivers'work.
  • tip2SynX helps you predicting work peaks and scheduling appropriate assets and resources.
  • tip2With the vehicle data you get from SynX you can provide extra information to your customers and their goods.
  • tip2SynX helps your providing accurate arrival time estimates and live updates for great customer service.
  • tip2With SynX you are always keeping control on fleet compliance and driver behaviour with process automation.
  • tip2SynX helps you protecting your margins and detecting new business opportunities.
  • tip2Thanks to its fuel management and maintenance system your fleet reaches huge savings with longlasting best practices.
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item 1  Enjoy the 24/7 availability of a complete fleet management solution allowing 20-25% savings on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear costs

item 1  Protect assets from theft and enhance safety with driver behaviour

item 1  Run a compliant and green fleet

item 1  Locate vehicles at any time and keep track of the activity of your staff and fleet




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delivery on time

Fuel Integration1. Always deliver on time

item 1 Be always on time thanks to the real-time location features of SynX.

item 1 Get live updates and provide accurate estimated arrival time for excellent customer service.

item 1  Provide quick responses to customers and improve delivery predictability.

item 1  Get the value of API integrations with logistics software.



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Real time fleet visibility2. Real time fleet visibility

item 1   The full activity of your fleet at a simple glance.

item 1   Create a customised database of locations and routes to check the position of your vehicles and assets 24/7.

item 1  Get accurate mileage, track driver behaviour and learn how your fleet is performing.

step-synx-darkblue  Locate nearest driver to a specific point of interest for increased operational efficiency.

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real time fleet visibility



Full suite of reports to reach safety, compliance and savings

Fuel Integration3. Full suite of reports to reach compliance, safety and savings

item 1  Never compromise safety and compliance to save money: with SynX you can reach great savings while running a safe and compliant fleet.

item 1  Get driver behaviour insights and alerts to take appropriate actions or schedule training.

item 1  Run an efficient maintenance system with paperless walkaround checks

item 1  Manage fuel spend and consumption and set up lower fuel consumption targets for your team.

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