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Get real-time visibility on who is behind the wheel with the Driver ID feature

If you operate a pool of vehicles with multiple drivers you can link individual drivers to vehicle activity with the Driver ID - Driver Identification feature, in order to make sure you know who is behind the wheel at any time.

The Driver ID feature allows only identified - authorised drivers to use the vehicles of your fleet, preventing misuse and increasing security. You can manage your resources and monitor their driving style, automate timesheets and gain precious insights about vehicle activity.

Increase visibility and make sure who is driving and where, at any time, with SynX and Driver ID.


  • tip1Real-time driver information
  • tip2Enhanced security
  • tip1Identify safe drivers
  • tip2100% visibility
  • tip1Prevent misuse
  • tip2Minimal administration

Drive IDDriver ID FAQ

Can I use my own key fob?

We provide a special, unique key fob for every driver, that matches the readers we supply with the installation material. In this way we can guarantee...  Read more

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See how driver ID works

 With our driver identification system it's easy to know who is behind the wheel at any time!

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Identification through key fob and reader

  • With SynX, each driver is given a unique key fob.
  • A key fob reader has to be installed on the dashboard.
  • When turning on the vehicle, the reader starts to buzz.
  • The driver briefly holds the key fob to the reader: the buzzer stops and the driver has been identified as authorised to drive that vehicle.




How are drivers identified in the software?


Drive ID1. Who is driving which vehicle?

item 1  Unlimited drivers and unlimited vehicles can be tracked in the system.

item 2  Different alerts for each driver can be built into the system depending on your requirements. An example: we can set up alerts if the speed limit at the airport is exceeded.

item 3  Alerts can be built for individual drivers irrespective of what vehicle they are in. We can set alerts as required on speed/idling/geofence location etc. These can be specified on the left for individual vehicles and/or drivers for that vehicle. You can then also drill down to type of alert and time and date range required.

Driver ID

Alerts Log


Alert2. One driver on different vehicles

step-synx-green This is an example of how the information of one driver that has been using 4 different vans is displayed in the software: once you run a report for a specific driver, all the data is shown for each different vehicle. All alerts are linked to Google Street View to show location and can be exported to excel if required.


Drivers3. Different drivers on one vehicle


step-synx-green An example of how reports are instead displayed if you have 4 different drivers using one van. The report shows all the drivers and their speeding alerts for the month on the vehicle. These logs are available to show each alert.

Diferent drivers on vehicle

Ranking Drivers


Ranking Drivers4. Ranking Drivers

step-synx-green All drivers can be ranked on types of alerts or total alerts, either in graph or in log form.

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