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Driver ID

You can see in real time who is behind the wheel

Streamline Operations with Driver Identification

If you operate a vehicle pool with multiple drivers, you can use the Driver ID - Driver Identification function to link individual drivers to vehicle activities so that you always know who is behind the wheel. The Driver ID feature allows only identified and authorised drivers to use the vehicles in your fleet, preventing abuse and increasing safety. You can manage your resources and monitor their driving style, automate timesheets and gain valuable insights into vehicle activity. Increase transparency and ensure you know who is driving where at all times with Transpoco and Driver ID.

  • Real-time driver information
  • Increased safety
  • Identify safe drivers 100% visibility
  • Prevent abuse
  • Minimal administrative burden

Identification by key fob and reader

With Transpoco, each driver receives a unique key fob. A key fob reader must be installed on the dashboard. When you turn on the vehicle, the reader starts buzzing. The driver briefly holds the key fob against the reader: the buzzer stops and the driver has been identified as authorised to drive this vehicle.


Sophisticated algorithms to analyze driver behavior, an advanced engine to calculate fuel consumption, an intelligent routing engine and advanced reports.

OVER 100 VEHICLESProtect Plan

Transpoco Protect is an AI-driven platform that uses voice to detect dangerous situations, receive early incident notifications, and take near real-time preventive action to mitigate risks.

How are drivers identified in the software?

1. Who drives which vehicle?

  • Unlimited number of drivers and unlimited number of vehicles can be tracked in the system.
  • Depending on your requirements, different alerts can be integrated into the system for each driver. Example: We can set up alerts when the speed limit is exceeded at the airport.
  • Alerts can be set up for individual drivers, regardless of which vehicle they are in. We can set up warnings as needed for speed, limit, fence location, etc. These can be set on the left hand side for individual vehicles and/or drivers for that vehicle. You can then also break down the type of warning and the time and date range you want.

2. One driver on different vehicles

  • This is an example of how the information for a driver who has used 4 different vans is displayed in the software: Once you run a report for a specific driver, all the data for each vehicle is displayed. All alerts are linked to Google Street View to show the location and can be exported to Excel if required.

3. Different drivers in one vehicle

  • An example of how reports are displayed when you have 4 different drivers in a vehicle. The report shows all drivers and their speeding violations for the month in that vehicle. These logs are available to view each warning.

4. Ranking Drivers

  • All drivers can be ranked by type of warning or total number of warnings, either in the form of a graph or log.

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From the first GPS tracking system we designed to the development of products focused on fleet safety, we have always strived to provide our customers with the most suitable solution at the most affordable cost.

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