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Can I use my own key fob?
We provide a special, unique key fob for every driver, that matches the readers we supply with the installation material. In this way we can guarantee all the fobs are compatible and working properly.
What happens if the driver does not log in?
If the driver does not log in, the system will buzz until the key fob is not presented to the dash-mounted reader.
My drivers will lose their key fobs, I don't think it will work for us.
When new processes and systems are introduced in companies and fleets, there might always be a bit of reluctance or concern about their success. We have lots of experience with customers from every industry sector, with smalls or big fleets and those who have introduced the Driver ID feature would never go back. It is essential to control sizeable fleets where drivers use different vehicles. We recommend, as we do for telematics introduction, to prepare drivers for this and talk with them. If they have a card to enter depots or office, they might already use neck chains, where they can keep the fob. If you need some advice on this, talk to us - we are happy to help.
Is there a gap inbetween when one driver stopping in the vehicle and another one logging in?
Just for the time materially needed for the first driver to stop the vehicle and for the second one to turn it on again and get identified through the key fob reader. The identification works when the vehicle is on. As soon as a new driver gets on the vehicle, turns it on and presents the fob to the reader, the system will associate the information to that driver.
How does it work?
We provide Driver ID as an add-on to our SynX packages. Each driver is associated to a unique key fob that they need to have with themselves and present to the key fob reader. The reader is installed on the dashboard. When the vehicle is turned on by the driver, a buzzer starts, reminding the driver to log in. Once the keyfob touches the reader, the driver is identified and the buzzer stops. The vehicle and driver information is then recorded in the software.
Can I see which drivers were in a vehicle?
Sure, you can see all the different drivers that have used a specific vehicle as well as the reports and alerts that you might want to set up for those drivers/vehicles (example: speeding report for driver X on that vehicle).
Can I see which vehicles a certain driver used or run reports on individual drivers using different vehicles?
Sure, you can see which vehicles have been driven by a specific driver and all the information related to that (journeys, dates, times and locations).
Can you immobilize the vehicle until the driver logs in?
Yes, immobilization is available upon request, but with the only purpose of reminding the driver to log in with the keyfob, not for preventing theft. Immobilization is not suitable for all fleets, it often depends on their activity and on a number of other factors. Best thing would be talking to us about what your fleet does before going for it (like we do for all the other features), so feel free to let us know any questions.
Can I block certain drivers from using the vehicle?
Only drivers who have the key fob can drive vehicles where the driver ID feature is active and the reader has been installed. We are working at developing restricted access and making vehicles available only for certain drivers, regulating the permissions in the system (e.g. drivers that do not have a specific licence for a vehicle). Contact us if you have any special requests.
Can I stop after a few months when the drivers are doing better?
Contractually you have no obligation to continue, however in reality SynX is like eating healthily, you need to keep doing it to see results. We are confident the system will pay for itself many times over. Once customers start working with us they nearly all stay with us for years.
Can I maintain a set of spare key fobs?
We provide you with one keyfob per tracker and with spare keys at an additional cost. Talk to us for any quotes.
If the key fob is on the vehicle key chain it will not reach the fob reader. How does the driver use the key fob if it is on his key ring which is already in the ignition?
We recommend to keep the key fob in a neck chain in order not to lose it as well as making it comfortable enough to reach the dash-mounted reader.
Can i get different colours or engraved key fobs?
The key fobs we provide are black, but you can personalise and engrave them yourself.
How do I register a new driver and key fob?
Once you receive the key fobs from us, you can go to the system settings if you are already familiar with it, go to Settings > Garage > Driver to add the driver and key fob number information. If you are not familiar with this, you can call our support department and we can set up everything for you.
Does the driver have to press fob when getting out of the vehicle to stop journey?
No, once the engine is off, the system automatically stops to recognize the driver, no need to log off.