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Telematics for the public sector

From small to big fleets, SynX helps you maintaining the highest standards and protecting staff and assets


What are the challenges of public sector fleets?

  • Public sector institutions are under constant scrutiny and pressure to cut costs but need to guarantee efficiency and high standards.
  • Public sector fleets are subject to seasonalities and special tasks such as winter maintenance.
  • Public sector organisations account on annual budgets, sometimes hard to stay in. They are increasingly observed in how they use budgets as well.
  • An institution’s work is public and has to be compliant with legal and environmental legislation.
  • Safety and security, as well as compliance, need to be guaranteed for employees and for the public users.
  • Public sector fleets are usually big and made of diverse vehicle types with different requirements.
  • Public fleets are often centralised, but vehicles might be located in remote depots or different areas. Fleet managers would need to be locate them at any time and make sure they are protected.
  • Public sector fleets need to control big workforces, different drivers sharing vehicles, expensive equipment.


SynX helps you overcoming those challenges

  • SynX helps you streamlining your fleet, organising your work and managing vehicles efficiently, complying with the specific standards institutions have to meet.
  • We are public sector specialists, SynX is the ideal option for winter maintenance operations.
  • SynX helps cutting global fleet costs by disclosing potential savings within your business, without threatening your performance.
  • SynX keeps track of vehicle checks and compliance logbooks and helps you in running a green fleet.
  • SynX is a risk assessment tool enhancing safety and protecting staff and assets.
  • Alerts and features are fully customisable, regardless if your fleet is big, small or made up of different assets.
  • With SynX, you always know where your vehicles are 24/7, from any device. SynX protects vehicles from theft or lets you know which is the most convenient one to be sent to a specific location.
  • Add-ons for driver identification, equipment activity and advice for route planning is available with SynX.


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  • Enjoy the 24/7 availability of a complete fleet management solution allowing 20-25% savings on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear costs
  • Protect assets from theft and enhance safety with driver behaviour
  • Run a compliant and green fleet
  • Locate vehicles at any time and keep track of the activity if your staff and fleet

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  • Fuel costs and purchases always under control with the fuel management system. It helps you set up consumption targets and save money on fuel.
  • Safety reports and dangerous driving alert plus idling to help you train drivers to switch to a safe driving style.
  • Maintenance, wear and tear, walkaround checks to help you optimise schedules.
  • Make a wise use of your budget and check the fleet performance 24/7 from any device and browser.
  • Save time and money on logbooks and administrative tasks with a system keeping track of everything you need.
  • The system discloses powerful insights that help you in assessing your fleet management strategy.




  • Check and assess routes travelled and see if there is room for improvement.
  • Create a database of locations and routes and check the position of your vehicles and assets.
  • Track connected devices with PTO feature.
  • Locate nearest driver to a specific point of interest and monitor driving by registration number and vehicle or with the Driver ID add-on.




  • We know council requirements in depth and have built our system around them to exactly fit a busy winter maintenance department. We are public sector fleets specialists.
  • Operating reports with on and off times and routes, route and location reports, gritting and salting data and much more.
  • All the tools you need to record vehicle activity, the system allows to check when vehicles are driving, idle or off, when auxiliary equipment/PTO is on or off: you can see vehicles gritting in real time!