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What are fuel cards?

  Fuel cards originated in the United States and date from a period between the 1960s and 70s where they were known as fleet cards. They looked similar to credit cards with a company name and logo on them. When a customer entered a filling station the attendant would take down the customer’s details for […]

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How a driving competition can turn into fuel savings and safer driving

  We at Fuel Improve strongly believe that drivers play the game.   You might think: What does this mean?   If you wonder how our innovative fleet management system works, here is a small introduction. With the combination of GPS equipment installation and fuel card integration, Fuel Improve helps you get crucial data on […]

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Fuel economy: should I buy a petrol or a diesel vehicle?

  Diesel cars currently account for 44% of the national fleet in Ireland. Irish fleet petrol cars have experienced a decrease in the past few years, seemingly due to the implementation of the CO2 emissions-based tax, which decreased from 73.88%, in 2008, to the current figure of 66%. According to sales numbers, about 57% of cars sold in 2009 were diesel-powered. This number […]

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