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“Car selfie” – the modern driver distraction

‘Selfie’ is a new buzzword, and almost everyone knows by now that a ‘selfie’ is where you take a picture of yourself and post it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. From Kim Kardashian to Hillary Clinton, the Pope and Prince Charles, nobody has escaped the now on-trend selfie. However, selfies are not all [...]

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How to be safe on EU roads ?

Travel in another European country is always better with your own vehicle. However, whether it is a car, a camper, a caravan or a motorcycle, the rules of the road in different European countries can vary widely. Even when you are travelling by bike, road rules have to be respected. Let’s have a look at [...]

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The difference between real MPG and estimated MPG

Rising political tensions in the oil-rich Middle East means it is getting more and more difficult for countries to procure and stock up on fuel. Moreover, import/export of fuel increases its price and unemployment reduces the purchasing power of the population, creating a vicious circle of affordable fuel shortages and associated unemployment. Companies with vehicle [...]

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