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The benefits of an efficient maintenance programme: some examples

  We have fully discussed various aspects relating to vehicle downtime and fleet maintenance in our blog, but we have not provided real examples of how proper, frequent maintenance actually benefits fleets and companies where driving plays a significant role in their business.   The RSA (Road Safety Authority) of Ireland, in its 2010 Guide […]

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Petrol and diesel prices fall in Ireland

  Motorists in Ireland recently saw a significant fall in petrol and diesel prices. In recent weeks prices have been plunging across the whole country and, according to experts, the trend is going to continue throughout January: fuel prices are going to fall another 6-7 cents by the end of the month.   On one […]

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How to build up an efficient maintenance schedule for your fleet

  Preventative maintenance relies on proper daily checks carried out by well-trained fleet drivers as part of a good overall maintenance system: a practice that helps make transport companies, as well as other driver-dependent businesses, successful.   Regular maintenance should include basic safety checks as well as structural inspections; you should test vehicles and make […]

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