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Fuel economy: should I buy a petrol or a diesel vehicle?

  Diesel cars currently account for 44% of the national fleet in Ireland. Irish fleet petrol cars have experienced a decrease in the past few years, seemingly due to the implementation of the CO2 emissions-based tax, which decreased from 73.88%, in 2008, to the current figure of 66%. According to sales numbers, about 57% of cars sold in 2009 were diesel-powered. This number [...]

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Safe driving: winter driving and tyres

  According to a number of sources, November will continue to see a drop in temperatures, followed by freezing conditions, and heavy snow is forecast for December and January.   If you manage a fleet, you would do well to prepare for adverse winter weather. Even if there are no specific Irish or UK road traffic regulations [...]

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Fuel economy and winter weather

  Driving in winter conditions, including cold weather, snow, fog, and ice, can be risky, not only to you, but to your vehicle as well, because bad weather can drastically increase your fuel consumption.   During the winter, according to fuel economy tests, extremely short trips in an ordinary petrol car can greatly decrease mileage [...]

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