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Road safety and alcohol: European campaigns

  During the festive season predominately, and throughout the rest of the year, hard-hitting TV and video campaigns are produced whose explicit aim is to direct public attention to the devastating effects of drink-driving, however, there are also adverts warning of the dangers of alcohol consumption for pedestrians, too.   Here is a brief selection of […]

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What will the fleet managers of the future look like?

  Fleet managers were originally individuals working for companies, which, in some way, depended upon vehicles, and therefore responsible for these vehicles and how they were put to use. They were mainly in charge of vehicle maintenance rather than the varied kinds of tasks that, today, apply more to a general description of who a fleet manager is. […]

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Vehicle tracking technology: what do drivers really think? An interview

    What do drivers really think about this technology? Here is an interview with a seasoned haulage driver.   Age of interviewee: 55   Driving career: thirty years (five years continental driving to Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg—transporting mainly furniture and tyres, and twenty-five years driving nationally, on a daily basis—transporting construction […]

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