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3 inventions to reduce bus and coach accidents

London, Mexico, Moscow, California, Paris, all big cities have their bus accident experiences. Today, let’s discover the 3 inventions to reduce bus and coach accidents. Fatal accidents It’s difficult to forget the terrible bus accident in Ireland that killed five teenagers in 2005. Last May in Donegal, a woman was killed after a collision with [...]

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A Bad Week for Lamborghini

The last week has seen some negative developments for the owners of Lamborghini, with two crashes involving Lamborghini cars making the headlines. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incidents, except for the cars themselves.  The valet and the Lamborghini No, this is not a new La Fontaine’s fable title but a real story in which [...]

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Germany introduces a new tolling system

In a new development for Germany, Alexander Dobrindt, the Transport Minister, has announced that new tolling systems in the form of stickers will come into play from the 1st of January 2016.  This will result in both German and foreign drivers paying to travel on the German road network, leading to protests from nearby countries [...]

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