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Best practices to avoid a traffic accident

  Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating, and the enormous costs involved in terms of human trauma cannot be calculated, nor can the environmental impact.  Even minor traffic accidents to the vehicle(s) can be costly to drivers, passengers, other road users, the infrastructure and the environment.   Part of an accident cost to consider, is the indirect […]

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Road Safety: 1.3 Million Road Fatalities Happen Every Year

  World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR) was commemorated on November 16th, to remember the millions killed and injured on the world’s roads. WDR, which is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of November, is also an opportunity of reflecting on the tremendous burden and heavy costs of these tragedies.   Issued […]

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Best practices to introduce vehicle tracking to your employees

  Vehicle tracking systems help companies in key areas where driving is an integral part of their business.   Increased productivity, fuel savings and improved customer service are just some of the advantages offered by this technology. Drivers will benefit too, through increased road safety and from operating in a more stable, and better organised, company. […]

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