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Accident report forms via Smartphones

Smartphones and the future of accident reporting Right now it is only happening in Netherlands and is only in the very early stages in France, but smartphones are increasingly being relied on to transmit vital information to parties involved in car accidents. Some even say that soon, accident report forms won’t be needed anymore for [...]

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Driver Distraction and Mobile Phone Use

We have all heard of things we should not do when driving, but most of us underestimate the effects that mobile phone use has on a driver. That text or call could cost you your life or could cost the life of another person using the roads. Read on to find out the hard-hitting facts [...]

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New Youtube Safety tips channel to help create “safety culture”

Youtube safety tips channel Youtube is a great entertainment resource, we’ve all been there. But business can also use it as a great resource for skill sharing and awareness-building. To this end, the HSA have uploaded and organised many useful videos on managing vehicle-related risks. The new HSA Youtube channel complements other HSA efforts in [...]

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