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Four straightforward practices to help manage fuel consumption

  If you are new to the world of fuel monitoring and have decided to look into it for different reasons, you may have anticipated a time consuming, very technical process, involving various people measuring mileage and then performing complex calculations. Fortunately, you might be pleasantly surprised. Of course you can consider investing in technology [...]

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Four easy ways to save fuel while filling up

  Saving fuel doesn’t have to be tricky or complicated. There are actually a few simple tricks you can adapt into your daily routine that will help you save fuel (and money) when filling up at the petrol station. These recommendations may seem insignificant but, in the long run, sticking to them will make the [...]

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4 good practices to prevent road rage and have a safe driving conduct

  Road rage and aggressive driving can cost lives, but more often it just sets you up for a bad day. Learning how to deal with it is as valuable a skill as driving itself. Following these tips will enable you to practice safe driving and keep calm behind the wheel.   1 – Relax and Loosen [...]

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