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Workplace related safety: some statistics

  On several occasions now, we have reiterated the importance of basic safety procedures in the workplace, covering such tasks as loading and unloading vehicles.   The HSA (Health and Safety Authority) of Ireland has recently promoted a number of campaigns aimed at sensitising companies to the different issues connected with safety, as well as […]

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Fuel consumption record: 2l/100 km for a 208 diesel Peugeot

  The 208 BlueHDi diesel Peugeot car was driven 1,337.19 miles (2,152kms) on just 9.45 gallons (43 litres) of fuel in an incredible performance at the Belchamp test circuit at the end of April.   Eddie Cunningham, a reporter for, referred to the unprecedented feat as the equivalent of “five Dublin to Galway road […]

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Do you know where your fleet vehicles are driven?

  We can never emphasise enough how challenging it is to be a fleet manager; there are so many responsibilities and tasks involved, as well as handling all the risks that come with driving for work, both for the drivers and other road users.   In this blog post we concentrate on the fleet vehicles […]

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