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04 May 2017 09:00:00 BST | Fleet Management Cloud fleet management software: 3 ways it will help you go green

Going green is not just an option anymore: here we explain how a cloud fleet management software can help your fleet being eco-friendly.

Cloud fleet management software 3 ways it will help you go green.jpeg


“Green is the new black” for a number of reasons; and if you are in charge of a fleet, cloud fleet management software could be the solution for going greener. Today, being green is more than just a fashion statement, as the “Green is the new black” sentence might suggest, it is a requisite. Legal requirements are constantly changing and imposing tighter restrictions on emissions in a bid to lessen our impact on the planet, while at the same time it is also important for a company to go green as a potential market leader and set an example to follow.

If you have a fleet or use vehicles in order to complete assignments pertaining to your work, cloud fleet management software can help you achieve a lower impact on the environment in at least three different ways—here’s how:


1. Save a tree

If you have to do a lot of paperwork relating to fleet operations, surely cloud fleet management software will help you go greener. This is valid not only for administrative work but also in order to organise the daily work for your drivers as well as to assist with compliance procedures. We have an app that helps your staff conduct walkaround checks without the need to use paper checklists.

The advantages of going digital:

  • reduces the likelihood of mistakes
  • everything important is measured and then converted into reports as needed
  • extract data quickly and have data recorded in a safe place without occupying space that you might need
  • greener and more practical!


2. Less emissions

Cloud fleet management software helps you save fuel in a variety of ways, from monitoring the driving style of your team to avoiding waste through vehicle tracking. If you save fuel you will also have a lower impact on the environment and ultimately your company costs will drop.

3. Data in real time for real savings
When your staff travels, a change in circumstances might necessitate an unexpected detour due to an accident hold-up or heavy traffic; but if you have a system able to track what is happening on the road, you can actually suggest a better alternative route to your team, avoiding unnecessary changes of directions or fuel waste. Cloud fleet management software can help you with any of these challenges by presenting real, concrete data (nothing gathered by hand or from a spreadsheet, real data taken by tracking your fleet) and you will have all the background info you need to make the right decision.

Respecting the environment is not just the priority of environmentalists—if you can do it while still performing your work operations effectively, improve efficiencies and cut costs… why not give it a try?



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