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Transpoco is one of the leading fleet telematics companies in Ireland

We commenced with GPS tracking and expanded the capability of our system, SynX, today a very powerful fleet management solutions combining vehicle tracking insights with fuel efficiency, driver behaviour, fleet safety and maintenance.


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What can SynX do for you?

Here is a list of the features and solutions integrated in SynX. By synchronising all these aspects in your fleet, SynX can really drive your business forward!


Fleet Management

Fleet Management is not an easy activity as it includes a lot of responsibilities. We know fleet managers are tight for time: that’s why SynX is here. Read More...


GPS vehicle tracking

GPS tracking or vehicle tracking is a technology that allows the collection of location data. From something simple as seeing your vehicles in real time to customise working times and location, SynX can put you in control. Read More...


Asset tracking

Apart from vehicles, your fleet might be made of mobile devices such as trailers that need to be located easily: this is possible thanks to our battery-powered asset trackers. SynX can easily locate and allow you to generate reports for your mobile assets. Read More...


OBD Solution

SynX by Transpoco is available combined with a hardwired tracker or, for fleets in need of more flexibility, with an OBD Tracking device. Our solution is a self-installed fleet tracking device that can literally be fitted within a matter of seconds. Read More...


Fuel management

Fuel is probably one of the main sources of cost within a fleet. Do you know where every drop of your fuel is spent? Get all the fuel information at your fingertips: reports on consumption, all the purchase and transactions. Start saving up to 20% on your bill by setting targets for consumption: SynX can do this for you. Read More...


Driver behaviour

Do you know how drivers are on the road? Is their driving style safe? Do they have dangerous driving habits such as speeding, rapid acceleration and harsh braking? With SynX you can make your fleet safe and keep tabs on driver behaviour monitoring them and setting up alerts. There is an added benefit if your vehicles are driven with a safer style: your global fuel consumption decreases. Start monitoring this now with SynX! Read More...


Driver identification

If you operate a pool of vehicles with multiple drivers you can link individual drivers to vehicle activity with the Driver ID - Driver identification feature, in order to make sure you know who is behind the wheel at any time. Read More...


Driver challenge

Getting fleet data is great for training drivers, but SynX gives you a great tool for raising awareness on how driving style impacts on safety, fuel and costs: the driver challenges section. You can set up competitions based on consumption or safety alerts: drivers will get updates and alerts on their mobile phones by means of our app. Create a safe driving culture in your company with SynX! Read More...


Walkaround checks and compliance

Do you have a system for recording walkaround and vehicle checks, and all servicing and vehicle testing as legally required? What about time spent at work, business and private mileage, drivers’hours… No more manual logbooks and time-consuming administrative tasks, SynX helps you to reach the paperless office! Read More...


Fleet maintenance management

How much do you spend on fleet maintenance? How do you keep track of schedules and costs? For which vehicle are you spending most on maintenance and why? How do you monitor this? With SynX it is fast and easy to organise vehicle maintenance and servicing and to keep track of everything for compliance and cost controlling. Read More...


Fleet safety and security

Driver behaviour and fleet safety are part of a fleet manager’s responsibility, but how to you protect drivers - in case of danger, adverse weather or road conditions. And how do you protect your assets? With SynX you will gain added security into your fleet, avoid insurance premium rise and prevent theft! Read More...


Green fleet and ecodriving

Ecodriving means more fuel efficient driving: it is a great way to save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint being more environment-friendly. By reducing your fuel consumption with SynX, you will lead a more responsible, greener fleet. Read More...