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Tips on Fleet Management, Fuel Management, Best Practice Driving and Safety for Your Employees

Professional drivers targeted by new Scottish road safety framework

Dashcam helps van driver after crash with sports car

Steel company fined after driver is killed in a loading operation

Is the use of seat belts a forgotten road safety priority?

Mobile phone use behind the wheel: some eye-opening campaigns

Reducing distracted driving in your fleet: some strategies

Lower traffic volumes do not stop the pothole season

Stricter laws on mobile phone use behind the wheel coming in 2021

Happy new year from the Transpoco Team!

Which fleet management trends will 2021 hold?

Does Holiday Season stand for... Distracted driving?

Christmas digital shopping makes new van registrations spike

Driver engagement key in improving driver wellbeing

COVID-19 source of distracted driving?

Speeding: leading topic of the Road Safety Week 2020

November 15th was World Day of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims

How distracted are your drivers?

Driver mental health and wellbeing should be regarded as a priority

AI powered anti collision system reduces fatigue related accidents

How much does an accident REALLY cost?

25% of drivers in Ireland struggle to stay awake while driving

The Irish Road Safety week is being celebrated this week

Driver texting while driving loses his arm, crash video shared as deterrent

Killer drivers to face life sentence with new UK law

Driving for work is the leading topic of Project Edward 2020

Dutch research reveals 1 in 12 drivers plays videogames while driving

Dangerous driving in a pandemic: ETSC reports less deaths but more speeding

New risk management resource by Global Fleet Champions

Unsafe driving practices increasing as traffic is back to pre-COVID19 levels

Irish Exporters Association launches PPE database website

HGV drivers not performing walkaround checks

Ford launches protective shields for commercial vehicles

Van workers recognised as critical workers during COVID-19

COVID-19 to rule the future of vans and cars in fleets

Fleet and business car registrations slowly recovering

Fleet Transport Awards 2020 will be online

The new normal: will the way fleets work change?

Mobility data in Ireland in COVID-19 times: valuable and actionable insights

Car and van registrations drop in May due to COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 back to work resources available in the website

Driver and fleet training not to be ignored in COVID-19 times

COVID-19: an extra item to be considered in fleet risk assessment

COVID-19 resources for drivers and companies that rely on driving

Distracted driving and breakdowns among post-lockdown risks for fleets

Transpoco listed on the Crown Commercial Service website (CCS)

Transpoco featured in Ground Handling International

Runway renewal taking place beforehand at Stuttgart Airport

Airport asset tracking system units will reach 0.5M by 2024

The automotive industry is ready to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Transpoco featured in the Airside International Magazine

COVID-19 driver's checklist: what you need to know before you go

New solar boarding ramps and bridges launched

The Transpoco team is working from home

GSE manufacturer Mallaghan launches employee rewards

Sustainable fuels: partnership between Finnair and Neste

Zero-emissions GSE vehicle operational at Memmingen Airport

Why GSE driver training shouldn't end when drivers get their ADP

How GSE fleet management systems can help schedule fleet maintenance

Global de-icing market expected to grow in the coming years

Ground worker killed in incident at Bangkok Don Mueang Airport

European Green Deal among the Transport Manager 2020 topics

Airport sustainability: low carbon apron completed in Calgary

Ground workers safety: American Airlines lawsuit after employee death

Airport autonomous vehicles: electric bus testing in Japan

Munich Airport leading the way in reducing emissions

The A-Z series: the full glossary of fleet management

A-Z: letter Z is “the end”. How many “ends” do you see as a fleet manager?

The A-Z series: Y for You—only you are ultimately responsible for your GSE fleets

Ongoing demand for airport catering trucks to reach new heights over the next decade

The A-Z series: X for X-ray—what do telematics and X-ray have in common?

New Year’s resolutions for aviation fleets: what to keep in mind

Happy new year from the Transpoco team!

The festive season—how does the aviation sector celebrate?

Why would aviation fleet directors write a letter to Santa?

GSE and autonomous vehicles: trial at Toulouse Airport announced

The A-Z series: W is for Workforce—staff is your best asset

Transpoco develops bespoke airport de-icing technology

The A-Z series: V for vehicle data, one of the most powerful resources for any fleet

Welcome to the winter aviation season - or the season of de-icing

The growth of the Middle Eastern aviation market

Easyjet launched zero-emission flights campaign

3 mistakes that ground handlers should avoid at any cost

Transpoco to form Telematics Partnerships at Dubai Airshow

Transpoco to bring its GSE telematics solution to the Dubai Airshow

Ground handler injured in airport incident

2 Ground Handling Companies fined for aircraft damage

3 ways your Ground Support Equipment Fleet can save on costs

4 demanding tasks airport ground handlers are called to face

Transpoco at the 21st annual Ground Handling International Conference

Why tracking pushback tractors brings huge value to your ramp operations

RAC research suggests drivers who idle should be fined

Successful trade show for Transpoco at the Inter Airport Europe 2019

Airport ramp safety: food cart spinning out of control goes viral

Free FTA UK Brexit preparation workshops for hauliers

Iberia to implement Transpoco complete fleet management solution throughout Spain

Vehicles in the workplace are the biggest killer in Ireland

How tracking your GSE fleet can positively impact on your airline turnaround time

Health and safety incident at work: employee falls off lorry, company fined

Tailor-making walkaround checks for use with aviation ground fleets

Use of mobile phone behind the wheel: driver skips sanctions thanks to legal loophole

When fleet safety is airport safety: ground handler fined for cutting in front of moving plane

The A-Z series: let’s talk about U for Uptime

3 unique challenges that airport fleets are expected to overcome

Driver behaviour rank: who are the worst drivers in Ireland and the UK?

Airport Fleet Management: Transpoco at the Inter Airport Europe Show 2019

Logistics Associate Apprenticeship extends its consortium to include CIT School

CPC compliant drivers’deadline of September 9th worries fleet professionals

Electric Vehicles: there is now more EV charging stations than fuel stations in the UK

Free van operators dedicated event by the FTA tomorrow in Belfast

Irish Truck of the Year 2020: 15 trucks contend for the throne

Brake's Road Safety Week 2019 scheduled for November 18th to 24th

Diesel spillage: an event that not only impacts on your fuel economy…

How to save on your fleet costs by managing tyres correctly: Michelin’s view

The A-Z fleet management series: T for Technology—the best companion of fleets and vehicles?

EC road safety plan  2021 – 2030: the main points

DfT’s new safety action plan to reduce the number of injured and killed on UK roads

Van market figures: growth in June 2019

The A-Z series: S is for Strategy—why do I really need strategic fleet planning?

Fleet manager training courses: new program announced by the FTA

Why fleet tyre maintenance should become routine for your team and vehicles

The A-Z series: R is for Replacement—when is it the right time to replace a fleet vehicle?

How to decide between leasing or purchasing a fleet

The ‘white van man’: do any of your staff resemble the classic UK stereotype of the inconsiderate driver?

The A-Z fleet management series: letter Q for Questions

Fleet management events: save the date for these FTA conferences and trainings

The A-Z series: P for Planner—why Fleet Managers rock at the art of planning

Protect your vehicle and belongings: some tips for drivers and fleet managers

FTA Logistics Report 2019: insights on the status of logistics in the UK

The A-Z series of fleet management: O for Odometer—a key piece of the puzzle

Impaired driving summer crackdown: drink driving and drug driving in the crosshairs

Grey fleet management is the topic of the next HSA seminars

Fleet compliance: 33.5% increase in revoked driving licences over the last 4 years

Ireland celebrates Slow Down Day, but drivers are caught 50% over speed limit

Battery and tyres top the ranking of breakdown call-outs for SME fleets

Idling law: is global legislation needed?

29% of fleet managers don’t know how many drivers they employ

Road Safety Week 2019: #speakup is the hashtag of the 5th edition

N for No: why is disagreement the latest chapter in our A-Z of fleet management series?

Vehicle safety technologies: 30 new items to be mandatory in newly manufactured vehicles

Fuel prices on the rise in March and April: what are the causes?

International Worker’s Memorial Day 2019: safety in the workplace and on the road

Sustainable procurement policy: how to strengthen sustainable fleet management

7 common challenges related to the decision-making process in fleets

A-Z series: M is for Maintenance—a key element of fleet management

1.7 million drivers admit to speeding: what about your drivers?

Stay safe on the road this Easter: some tips and forecasts

The A-Z series of fleet management: L is for Logistics

The most memorable April Fool’s pranks that might make fleet managers laugh

Vehicle theft: 2018 marks 82% growth in keyless van thefts

Distracted driving facts: is music a risk for driver safety?

Driving after Brexit and deadline update: latest news and useful resources

4 more fleet management KPIs your fleet should capture

Fleet management Key Performance Indicators: chapter “K” in our A-Z series

Why spring cleaning is not merely a household task: your fleet will be thankful

Brexit consequences for Irish hauliers: insights from 2019 Transport Manager

Van/LCV market in 2019: what is the current status?

Can advanced driver assistance systems be a source of distracted driving?

Driving at night: help your drivers to stay safe in the dark

The A-Z fleet management series: J for Journey planning

New fleet safety and sustainable fleet management campaign: Global Fleet Champions

Vehicle defect reporting: 33% of company car drivers are overlooking it

4 Valentine’s Day fleet management challenges that lurk behind the chocolates and the roses

The pothole problem: 1,000,000 reports every year (one every two minutes)

Coventry bus-crash company failed to address telematics risk management alerts

Brexit for transport, logistics and hauliers: what does the future hold?

Advantages of telematics: 30% of UK drivers still sceptical

How technology can help your fleet to create an induction process that rocks

WHO Road Safety Report 2018: the fight against deaths on the road continues

Transport Safety Seminars 2019 by the HSA of Ireland: save the date

The A-Z of Fleet Management: I is for Idling and why it should never happen again in your fleet

4 New Year’s Resolutions ideas your fleet definitely has to consider

The Fleet Management Blog: learning from the tips of the past 12 months

Festive season drink driving campaigns: the key is never ever drink and drive

Why Santa Claus can be considered a real fleet manager

Fleet Year End Budget: what are the trends?

Compulsory dashcams: UK government plans and the opinion of drivers

Are PCH (Personal Contract Hire) contracts leading to lack of maintenance?

The A-Z series: H for Health and Safety, essential or forgotten?

Dash cam users: insurance provider starts to offer discounted premium

Dear fleet owner, here is why tomorrow might be the best business day of the year

Driving style monitoring: how is management really doing it?

The safety and compliance of drivers in the gig economy era

How to correctly manage expectations from fleet management systems

Coventry bus crash might push authorities to make telematics legally compulsory

Telematics helps organisations to be proactive with fleet safety, says ETSC

Transpoco partners with Timing Ireland for the 2018 SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon

As scary as Halloween: the nightmares of a fleet manager

4 strategies to follow in order not to be caught off guard by winter driving

Tyre safety month 2018: why “Under pressure” and “How deep is your tread” should be your fav hits

How to forecast your fleet workload for the busiest shopping season

Why compliance and safety start with fleet drivers being fit to drive

Why the cause behind missed savings in your fleet might actually be... you?

48% of Irish companies managing vehicles have no risk assessment process in place

A-Z series: G is for GPS vehicle tracking—how technology changed the fleet sector

51% of buses inspected by the RSA of Ireland in 2017 failed roadside inspections

Why signing up for a free fleet software trial is actually not a bad idea at all

Compliance inspections impacting on 52% of transport companies in 2017

The A-Z series: F for fuel—the biggest expense in fleet management

How inappropriate capturing of business mileage can easily lead to fraud risk

Fleet vehicle ownership vs fleet vehicle usage: what will the future bring us?

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